Duties & Taxes


  • Shipping to world wide countries, the products prices displayed doesn't include taxes and duties, Except UK , Korea and EU (From July 1st) order.  As the recipient, you are responsible for all import duties, customs. Please check your country customs policy. 

Germany + Rest EU + UK : Shipping to EU, you can spend up to 150 EUR and not incur any duty on your order. VAT is 19% and due on any order above 22 EUR until 1st July. After July 1st, Shipping to EU follow the delivery duty paid agreement, meaning that the taxes and duties are included in the Final Price. When you needed claim the Vat return, you are able to claim from local tax office. 

Australia : you can spend up to 1000 AUD (US$1276) and not incur and duty on your order. GST is 10% and due on any order above 1000 AUD (US$1276). For more information please, visit Australia custom website. 

If you need more information , please feel free to contact us or refer to your countries customs department.